sabrina iaccarino cipolla


das bi ig. me(i)...mime...du ūüėéūüôą. that's me!

das leben ist ein tanz...tanze das leben...finde deinen eigenen rhythmus.


dipl. aromathologin & osmologin.


status 2love2.

meine kinder.

samira leila dara 9.9.1995 wählte den himmel.

dario & gabriel.

mit lady chayenne shayenne luna étoille alba & sir mocca white blue & sir bello bläcky silver.

mein meister - 2. bewusstsein - the day after

...and the dance...basic. any time any place. one step step left...middle...zentrum/atlas = balance.

do not forget...return always in zentrum.

one of my first dance...the hula dance :-) i went often to this "pax" in the last 4 years...i gave him the name "way of meditation". the lord / sir wrote me in CAPITAL LETTERS "sabrina, meditation is not so easy". okey i started with om nama shivaya...and he with rama rama rama. "sir, sorryay but rama rama rama is easier. it's not fair play." so I started to dance (again). 1:0.

die 5. dimension....